Welcome to Marline Designs!

We are the leading shopfitting and refurbishment company in the Midlands and have a vast amount of wide ranging experience in all manner of shop design projects, from full scale shop builds to refurbishment work. All of our projects are completed to the highest of standards and in a timely fashion, making us renowned for our impeccable service, as well as our excellent shop designs.

No matter what sector you are in, a well-designed space can be the difference between success and disaster for your business. The design and layout of your shop space is crucial and can serve to decrease or increase profits depending upon the experience shoppers have whilst navigating it. The right layout, design, colour scheme and even lighting can generate a positive atmosphere in which shoppers feel comfortable and ready to make a purchase. Marline Designs are the perfect partner to help redesign your space into the best possible environment for your business, whether you’re looking to increase profit or simply provide a better shopping experience for your customers, we can help you get the most out of your space in line with your specific objectives.

From our base in the Midlands, we currently service clients from an abundance of sectors and operate UK-wide, with projects carried out from Scotland to London and everywhere in between.